Why choose a composite door

Our range of inspirational composite doors add that personal touch to your home and make it unique, with a large choice of desirable colours to choose from there is a colour for every taste. Whether you are looking for a modern look, classic, vintage, contemporary stylish or a traditional door there is a door that will capture your heart with the eye catching designs with a wood grain effect giving it a traditional solid wood door look.

To personalise your door further there is a range of glass options to choose from, matching side panels and also various door accessories such as (knockers, spy holes, handles and safety chains).

All our door frames can be tailored for ease of access for wheel chair users with low thresholds.

Elegant designs 10 year guarantee
Secure multi point locks Low maintenance
Exclusive design & features Wood grain effect
Made in Britain Energy efficient
Hardwearing & Durable Choice of colours
Front and Back Doors

Offering you one of the most secure doors on the market with multi point locks, claw locks and dead bolts, our doors exceed the British desired security bench marks with their innovative designs that keep intruders out. There are various types of doors in the market you can install such as uPVC, aluminium and wood to name a few however the composite door is the far more superior door when it comes to energy efficiency, appearance and security.

Door Furniture

Door Furniture and Door Accessories

Personalise your doors with our stunning range of door accessories from door knockers, handles, door numbers, spy holes, safety chains and letter plates. All accessories come in a choice of colours to suit your requirements.

Stable Doors

Stable doors are practical when you are wanting to keep the pets out of the kitchen whilst cooking by opening the top half of the door to allow for ventilation whilst the bottom half of the door remains securely locked.

Many of our composite door designs can be integrated into a practical but yet stylish stable door with a multi point locking system making it just as secure as our other doors.

A wide range of elegant designs and colours to choose from.

Patio Doors

Side Panels

Side Panel Door
Side Panel Door
Side Panel Door
Side Panel Door
Side Panel Door
Side Panel Door

We know how important it is to get a perfect finish that’s why we offer a range of matching door side panels to match your door design and colour for a better finish, you have the choice of half or full side panels and have the option of adding the letter box into the side panel.

uPVC Doors

Our uPVC doors are one of the best in the market manufactured to the highest standards, using the latest technology and quality materials.

With a range of designs and eye catching colours to choose from they can be installed as a front door or back door giving your home a personal touch.

Our uPVC doors don’t fade in colour and come with a 10 year guarantee which means they will look as good as new for years to come, they are virtually low maintenance and for your peace of mind they come with our state of the art multi point locking system to keep the intruders out.

All our uPVC door panels are reinforced for added security

Elegant designs 10 year guarantee
Secure multi point locks Low maintenance
Exclusive design & features Energy efficient
Made in Britain Choice of colours

French Doors

French Doors

Make the most of your garden all year around with our precision engineered French doors not only do they offer great build and security but also compliment your windows with the elegant designs, they create the perfect opening into your garden.

You may feel by installing French doors they allow more heat to escape however this is not the case because we use our energy efficient k glass to retain the heat and with our warm edge space bar and argon filled glazed units along with our draught proof seals.

We use tried and tested well engineered hinges which will hold the weight of the doors for years to come.

The locking system used in our French doors is a multi-point locking system which also grips the doors tight to keep drafts out and keeping it water tight, the doors are fitted with anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-bump locks to keep your home secure.
Our French doors are available in a range of colours that make a bold statement.
We can convert your existing window to make way for an elegant French door allowing more natural light in to your home.

Fitted with high performing energy efficient a rated glass Available in triple glazing as an optional extra
Outward opening doors to maximise your internal space Toughened Safety glass as standard
Exceed the British standards for Security Weather resistant seals
Internally beaded Glass 10 Year Guarantee
Choice of colours  

Patio Sliding Doors

Elegant and stylish, our sliding patio doors make a huge impact on the amount of light entering into your home giving your home a brighter living space, available in a range of colour choices that leave a lasting impression. They are space saving, have a smooth slide when open and closed and have our state of the art high security locks and anti-lift system to stop the door from being lifted out, fitted with double glazed energy efficient glass to keep your home warm.

10 year guarantee as standard
Choice of colours
Made to measure and finished to a high standard
Secure locking system
Patio Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi Fold Doors
Bi Fold Doors
Bi Fold Doors
Bi Fold Doors

Enjoy the outdoors from the indoors by transforming your living space with our bi-fold doors which allow you to combine your house and garden space creating the perfect sanctuary for you and your family.

They create a wow factor to your home with the exciting, stunning, contemporary designs. The doors fold smoothly together to create an open space, allowing maximum light in to your home and letting you enjoy the beautiful garden views.

Bi-fold doors are usually 2 or more glass doors with either an aluminium or uPVC frame which are set on wheels and tracks for a safe operation, they fold neatly together either to the right or left or alternatively they can be split so you can have your main door opening individually to one side whilst the rest of the doors glide to the opposite side, they can be installed opening either to the outside of your home or inside.

Our bi-fold doors are one of the most secure doors in the market with state of the art multi-point locking system which are rigorously tested against the high British standards.

The doors are all internally beaded which means the glass is installed from the inner side of the door to stop intruders from removing the glass from the outside and gaining easy access, keeping you and your home safe and secure.

Add a new element to your home by blending a mix of home comfort to nature and convert your existing window, making way for bi-fold doors so that you can make the most out of your living space.

The doors are available in up to 7 leaf’s Available in a range of colours
Can be installed opening in or out Made to measure
Toughened glass as standard Energy efficient
10 year insurance backed Guarantee Low maintenance
Safe and secure with multi point locks  

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